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Wall ice hockey in rare game

January 26, 2012

Wall played in a 1-0 game on Wednesday at the Howell Ice World, you can read the full story in the 2/2 edition of The Coast Star.

I have covered ice hockey for well over 20 years and can only remember a handful of 1-0 high school games in my career.

The Crimson Knights did lose to Cranford, but a 1-0 loss is indicative of a solid effort. Wall junior goalie Troy Klahre is gaining confidence at the right time of the season as well as his young defense.

Wall was missing some top players, including junior defenseman Tom Panico. This allowed head coach Mike Dianora to use his three freshmen defensemen, Andrew MacInnes, Pat Judge and Matt Swan even more ice time.

A freshman playing defense is rare, to have three freshman in a defensive rotation almost never happens. The 1-0 loss is another indication MacInnes, Judge and Swan are getting better with each game. They are challenged sometimes due to their lack of size, but you can see the skill and hockey knowledge in how they pass the puck and play their positions.

The future looks bright for Wall with these three playing defense and it is hard to imagine how good they can be on the high school level in a couple of years.


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