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January 26, 2012

It looks as though Greg Schiano will be hired as the Tampa Bay head coach. I have to say I am surprised at the move. It seemed Schiano had things pretty good at Rutgers. The coach pretty much got everything he wanted in terms of a stadium expansion, a big budget for football and a house right on campus.

Schiano also had a contract through 2016, which meant he would have had at least two more years to try to win the Big East or win a spot in a  BCS Bowl game.

Schiano was an excellent recruiter and did an outstanding job building the Scarlet Knights program and making it prominent again.

Schiano, however, was not a very good game-day coach, his teams often looked ill prepared for Big East games late in the season particularly on the road.

There is no recruiting in the NFL, it is all about winning today, not in three or four years and being totally prepared, it should be interesting to see how it plays out both for Schiano and for Rutgers now that Schiano set the foundation for the program to take the next step.

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