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Listen to some Manasquan sports

February 7, 2011

There always seems to be the same soundtrack for warmups during high school basketball games. You would think one person made a mix and passed it around the Shore Conference.

I heard something different, however, as the Manasquan boys basketball team warmed up last week against Monsignor Donovan. I thought I was hearing the same song titled Black and Yellow by Wiz Khalifa, but it was different this time.

The Warirors had made the song their own, dubbing over their own lyrics to the beat of the song and changing it to Blue and Grey instead of Black and Yellow with references to the Warriors basketball team added to the mix.

It was a great change to the song I had heard about 20 times in a row before games and a creative way to show the support for the school and the team.

Not to be outdone, the musical minds in the student section for the ice hockey team, which like the basketball team gives full throated support for the Warriors, made an ice hockey mix, again featuring all the players on the team.

Well done, Manasquan, keep up the good work and I will be listening for new songs.


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